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The Marco Aurélio Yano Scholarship Fund

Marco Aurélio Yano was born in 1963. While attending UNESP - Paulista State University in São Paulo, Brazil with a major in Composition and Conducting Yano met oboist Alex Klein. A friendship ensued, resulting in a commission by Klein for a new Oboe Concerto which, inspired by Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto, would be based on rhythms, melodies and harmonies from the composer's motherland - in this case, Brazil. Also as inspired by the Russian master, the concerto was to press the oboe's technical and artistic abilities into new horizons. Yano passed away in 1991 at the age of 27, having finished the manuscript of this concerto and some of the slow movement's orchestration. Marco Aurélio Yano was quadriplegic, a birth condition which paralyzed his four limbs. With obvious tenacity and much effort Yano learned to walk, write music, play the piano and went to College. His Oboe Concerto was recorded in 2003 by Cedille Records with Alex Klein as soloist and the Czech National Symphony led by Paul Freeman. Yano was hardly the only musician to overcome a disability in order to create music. Ludwig van Beethoven's deafness is well known during the composition of half of his Symphonies, as is the case of Johann Sebastian Bach and George Friedrich Handel during the late age blindness. The human spirit present in these endeavors cannot be properly measured, or praised. Yet, as a society, we continue to overlook unnecessary hurdles for the development of human beings who have disabilities. It is with the intent to diminish the impact of some of these hurdles and promote the intelectual and artistic development of young musicians with severe disabilities that Alex Klein launched the Marco Aurélio Yano Scholarship Fund. Students awarded this scholarship will be invited to attend FEMUSC - Santa Catarina Music Festival in southern Brazil (where Klein is Artistic Director) with a full scholarship covering tuition, meals and hotel accommodations for this student and a family companion or assistant. This Scholarship Fund is maintained through the sale of Yano's works, below.
Yano Melodia - MIDI
Yano Two Pieces - MIDI
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