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Musical Offering

"Oferenda Musical" - São Paulo International Chamber Music Festival was another initiative where Alex Klein worked with local partners in order to create musical movement designed to empower musicians, involve the public and gather support for the arts in a post-oboe career, or at least during the time when Klein was addressing the consequences of Musician's Focal Dystonia and gradually regaining his ability to perform.

Between 2008 and 2010, the lovely 600-seat Theatro São Pedro, with an enviable acoustics for chamber music, was host to an event bringing together stellar Brazilian musicians and also international stars. Shmuel Ashkenasi and Richard Young of the Vermeer Quartet, Philadelphia Orchestra Principal Flute Jeffrey Khaner, former Berlin Philharmonic Principal Oboe Hansjorg Schellenberger, Juilliard School pianist and new music expert Joel Sachs all came to São Paulo to mingle and share chamber music with members of the São Paulo String Quartet (at that time Brazil's only full-time, dedicated string quartet), violinist Daniel Guedes, soprano Simone Foltran, cellist Antonio Del Claro, as well as Brazilian artists who regularly operate both in the Brazilian and international stage as is the case of pianist Ricardo Castro and Alex Klein himself. "Chamber music", in this point of view, was more than rehearsals and performances. A significant objective of Oferenda Musical - and thus the choice of name for this festival, referring to Bach's "offer" of music to Frederick, the Great - was the personal interaction offered to all musicians, leaving an unforgettable and fruitful reward to those musicians who strive for the development and improvement of the musical arts in Brazil. 

In this sense Musical Offering was short lived, but long remembered. The lasting impact of these interactions created a kind of sustainability not in the festival itself which was defunded during a budget re-evaluation after the 2010 edition, but in the artistic value held by the musicians. As such, the main objectives of the festival were met, even if the festival itself did not continue.

Samples of performances of the São Paulo International Music Festival

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