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Poetic Inspirations

Richard Young, Viola   Ricardo Castro, Piano

August Klughardt, Schilflieder

Charles Martin Loeffler, Two Rhapsodies

Felx White, The Nymph's Complaint for the Death of her Fawn

Marco Aurélio Yano, Modinha

Paul Hindemith, Trio for Viola, Heckelphone and Piano

Poetic Inspirations

  • Five out of Five — “Poetic Inspirations: Works for Oboe, Viola, & Piano is one of the best classical music CDs released this year. In fact, I can already tell it’s going to be on my top ten list of 2008. The album features works by August Klughardt, Charles Martin Loeffler, Felix White, Marco Aurelio Yano, and Paul Hindemith. These names may not sound familiar, but I assure you, you will love their music. . . . I applaud the virtuosic performances of Alex Klein (oboe), Richard Young (viola), and Ricardo Castro (piano). When performers have mastered their instruments such as these three men, what you get is the perfect expression of the music. The mechanics and techniques of playing the instrument disappear, and the music and its emotions become amazingly apparent. Bravo!” — Aaron Green


    “This disc offers rewarding music, knowledgeable, perceptive, and occasionally moving notes by the artists, supplemented by the complete text of the poems, beautiful illustrations, and clear, balanced sound. I recommend it highly . . . Don’t hesitate.”



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