• Marco Aurélio Yano (1963-1991), Two Pieces for Solo Oboe (1984): I - Seresta, II - Improviso. Written for Alex Klein, oboe. Approximately 7 minutes of performance time.


    PDF - YANO, Two Pieces for Solo Oboe

    • FEMUSC - Santa Catarina Music Festival, is a large educational event founded by Alex Klein in 2006. Marco Aurélio Yano was quadriplegic. As agreed with Yano's family, in lieu of royalties from the sale of these scores Klein will launch a Scholarship Fund in Yano's name. The goal of the Marco Aurélio Yano Scholarship Fund is to assist students with severe disabilities to attend FEMUSC with a full scholarship for tuition, room&board, and a hotel stay for the student and a family member or assistant.